Skate Life

A collection of reaction gifs that every skater can relate to.

When you see scooter kids getting dropped off at the park

When no one saw you land it

When the ledge has just been waxed

When the new park opens

When a longboarder says they skate

When you land a massive trick bolts

When you get a shinner

When security threatens you

When you’ve been trying to land a trick all day and your friend lands it first try

When you get a perfect slide

When you realise that guys ender was switch

When you can’t land that one trick

When you are showing your friends a new trick and nail it first try

When you’re mate lands his first kickflip

When you get a fresh setup

When you are Richie Jackson

Posted By Dylan

Dylan is a Melbourne born skater. He is the founder of and all around good kickflipper.