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    • Lilly Skone on The Woods

      love it

    • Brandon Nedic on austinmere public school

      so good !

    • Neil Flippance on Golden Grove

      Entry and parking is best from the Golden Way. I would agree with the 3 star. The main section is a bit too crowded and the transitions are all different. The bowl is nice and really, really smooth, i could pump longways in that bowl. Heaps of different size grind rails. If they just spread out the main section and added a third section to skate on this park would be better. The actual reserve/park itself is very good. Plenty of shade and two playgrounds. A few nice new bbq's to use. They have a bmx track there also. The gravel is a tad too much (washout) but the track itself is quite good. Also have a basic tennis court and this thing called a "Rage Cage" - you can play soccer, netball, cricket, basketball all in this one cage. Perfect for a family day out..... Out of the northern skateparks I would say Pooraka would be the best.

    • Neil Flippance on Pooraka Skate Park

      Reminds me a bit of Seaford Skate Park but with more to do. Prob a bit more street orientated than Seaford. Heaps of different banks/transitions and grind rails. You will not get bored at this park. As far as northern skateparks go, this one is better than Golden Grove and Paradise. Definitely check this out if your out north, bring a broom with you (leaves)